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Personal Growth Advocate and Content Creator

Jordan Smith is an esteemed Educational Psychologist and Certified Life Coach, the visionary founder behind the innovative Get Smart Series. Raised in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, Jordan was deeply influenced by a community that values education and personal growth. This environment nurtured her passion for understanding human potential, guiding her toward a career dedicated to enhancing individual capabilities.

Jordan’s academic journey was marked by a profound dedication to understanding the intricacies of human behavior and learning processes. She achieved a pivotal milestone by graduating with a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Texas, Austin, in 2012. During her studies, she engaged in various internships and research initiatives focused on cognitive development and motivational strategies, which laid the groundwork for her later work.

Driven by a relentless passion to empower individuals, Jordan founded the Get Smart Series, a platform designed to transform lives through education and personal development. Relocating to San Francisco, a hub for innovation, she expanded her influence, adapting psychological principles to practical life coaching techniques. Through her series, Jordan offers a wealth of resources—from online courses to interactive workshops—that cater to those eager to excel in their personal and professional lives.

Jordan Smith’s journey from an inspired student in Austin to become a leading Educational Psychologist and Life Coach in San Francisco exemplifies her dedication to her craft. Her educational background and hands-on experience in psychological research and life coaching equip her to profoundly impact those seeking to enhance their intellect and achieve success.


  • Deep-rooted passion for psychology and personal development, sparked by her upbringing in an educationally progressive community.
  • Extensive experience in cognitive development and motivational strategies, demonstrating a commitment to empowering individuals.
  • Proven expertise in translating educational psychology into practical life coaching, aiding in the enhancement of personal and professional growth.
  • Certified Life Coach and Educational Psychologist, a testament to her skill, dedication, and knowledge in the fields of psychology and personal development.


  • Educational Psychology Researcher and Intern (2008–2012): Participated in numerous research projects and internships focused on learning strategies and cognitive behavior during her academic tenure at the University of Texas.
  • Founder and Life Coach (2012–Present): At Get Smart Series in Indiana, Jordan develops and leads programs that teach effective thinking patterns, decision-making skills, and success strategies.


Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology, University of Texas, Austin, TX (2012). Concentration in cognitive development and motivational psychology. Graduated with honors, reflecting her academic excellence and dedication to the field.

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